• -Before heading for your adventure trekking trip, do study weather forecast of that area. Avoid trekking during bad weather or adverse climatic situations.
  • -Newbies should always carry a raincoat or windsheeter with them. Climate can change frequently in several trekking points.
  • -Do carry multi-pocket carry bag engrafted with zipper closure and cushioned shoulder straps, especially for trekking trips. The bag should be spacious enough to carry all the important trekking essentials while trekking.
  • -Must keep a lighter, Swiss army knife, space blanket, water bottle and winter attire in your carry bag or pocket before heading for trekking.
  • -To prevent insect bite, do wear full sleeves shirts and full pants.Do carry sleeping bag and trekking rope of about 50 meters of length with you.
  • -A direction compass and topographical map is must while trekking in mountains.
  • -An ice cutting axe should always be carried if heading into snowy terrain.
  • -A proper pair of boots, if travelling into a snowy terrains.
  • Learn all these factors as they are going to be your lifesaver for the rest of your travels.

I, once had a near death experience during Tosh valley trek, Kasol, where i was suddenly slipped towards the edge during snow on a terrain in my sneakers. It was a friend who luckily grabbed a hold of my hand.

Thus, i found these few trekking tips very useful for all the crazy fellow traveles out there.


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