Hurdles or flat: What would you prefer?

Travel is as you know not an easy task, it can be painful, dehydrating, grumpy or maybe even full of ghosts and terror…

Nah! I am just kidding, but only about the terror and ghost part.

When i travel, i try to blend into the artistic waves and vibe of the area, it’s easy to immense beauty and inherent things you had never before, and when i say it’s easy, trust me. It quite is.

To be specific, i think that every journey you start or every unexplored place you visit opens up some part of yourself. It’s like you are travelling places, collecting keys to open up your locked inner peace of mind.

Your journey can be full of hurdles or it can be flat, which i personally admit, is a boring way.

If you choose the flat path, ask yourself ,” why am i travelling, if there ain’t gonna be hurdles.”

Either go risky or dont go at all. Peacefull journey to all.

@travelwithash09 # travel #peace #journey

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