I used to love…

I used to love,

Bright stars across the shores,
That shining light and marvellous glow.

Across the edge, ran a deer,
Charming and beautiful, that smell in the air.

But now, i have broken wings,
I can’t fly or can swim.

I used to love,

Thunder in the sky, passing the horizons,
That blaze of the summer, and sound within mountains.

As holistic as that may sound,
Everything vanished,
In the storm, like dust perish.

I used to love,

But now, i just crave,

As in the end, you will end up in a grave.


If you liked my first attempt in playing with words in a astonishing way, drop a comment below and let me know.

#travelwithash09 #travel #poems #words

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