Exploring or losing hope?

Some things are beyond imagination, Visiting foothills of mountains may seem impressing and heart whelming but have you explored it yet? By exploring, i state the essence and regularity of the environment you are trying to evolve in, where you wish you have escaped to, from your hectic schedule, your 9 to 5 job, your business, your family, your boss who keeps yelling at you because you have ignored something which is of value to others but you may have simply ignored it because you find it seemingly of destructive values as to others. It sometimes strikes me how troublesome we have made our lives by running towards something which is not of materialistic value but holds the key to your life, MONEY.

Some question often keeps me awake at night, Am i earning enough? Or, Am i of any value to society? Am i strong enough? to take my stand in life and the answer i keep getting is No. But, why? Why don’t i have more confidence in myself? Why do i stand so weak? Trembling and broken, What should i do to make my life more merrier?

I really don’t know. I don’t know the answers to any of these questions, that’s when it came to my conscious should i escape? Escape from  this cruel world, to place which can hide me and will ask no questions from me, place where i can feel myself, my soul, where i can get answers to questions which i don’t even know myself. I just want to escape even though struggles keep me awake in night, my dreams are haunted by others success, my eyes sometimes get warm by those tiny marshmallow shaped teardrops.

So, i ran, ran straight towards the foothill of some big mountain, crying out aloud, shouting my name in vain. Does it mean anything to you? I screamed not once, not twice but thrice, i heard a voice, not a whisper but a scream, same as mine as it was copying me, trying to make me realize, Yes, you exist. You are same as others, a lost individual who can get his existence back if he try to listen what this precious life is saying to you. I heard my echo, not once, not twice but thrice. My answer to my every questions lies among my questions, i just have to be keen and courageous enough to hear what they have to say.




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